Sunday, November 02, 2008

Egypt trip 2008 - The bucket list

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Cool Camels:

Camel Jockey Melanie:

Village friends in Luxor:


Dahab - RELAX!!

What we did

  • Luxor Temple day visit
  • Colossi at Memnon
  • Tombs of the Nobles
  • Valley of The Kings, 3 tombs
  • Queen Hatshepsut Temple
  • Lunch at "Mohamed's Cafe" on West bank
  • Karnak Sound and Light Show
  • (many) 20 cent Ferry crossings
  • Met British expat who moved to Luxor
  • Village visit with women and their kids, drinking tea in their home
  • Koshary dinner in Luxor
  • Felucca sunset sail
  • Just missed president Mubarak visit
  • Dahab beachfront breakfasts (with cats)
  • Dahab beachfront dinners (with cats)
  • Rented car, drove to St. Catherines
  • Saw Moses's burning bush and 1400 year old Greek Monastery
  • Stayed in beautiful, stylish 8 room hotel / all rooms different
  • Melanie had one day vomiting
  • Matthew had one day fever
  • watching goats "collect garbage" (eat paper in the street)
ALEXANDRIA TRIP - day trip on fast train
  • Alexandria Library
  • Eating fish overlooking Mediterranean
  • Roman catacombs
  • Roman amphitheater
  • Pompey's pillar
  • Jumping on to moving train
  • walking through the markets
  • long funeral processions
  • Giza Pyramids with 90 minute camel ride
  • Sphinx
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Citadel - Mohamed Aly Mosque
  • Prison where Sadat held
  • National Police Museum
  • National Folkloric dance troupe show - Sufi dancers
  • Garbage city
  • The church in the Cave in Moqattam
  • Coptic Cairo/ Mar Girgis
  • Hanging Church
  • Crypt of the Holy Family
  • New/world class Coptic Museum
  • Felucca night sail
  • Many, many coffees, teas and Karkaday
  • Many trip to Khan Al Khalili Bazaar
  • Tentmakers area
  • Spice Market
  • Graffiti Festival

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