Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I guess I should have said those are the best things about travel. Well, not all of them.

1. It's warmer here than there - maybe. Stuff is melting! So the "World's Coldest National Capital" is NOT, at least for today

2. Just when you thought the bureaucracy would be horrid: I arrived at the Chinese Embassy 1 minute before the Visa section closed, seeing the hours for the first time (not listed on the website) and figuring I would have to come back in 2 days, and allowing for my total lack of how to say anything in Chinese, I thought this trip would be a waste. The smiling clerk took my application, smiled and said, 30 seconds later, "It'll be ready next Wednesday!"

3. The play I was directing has been canceled. One highly motivated person can wreck something, unfortunately. I stayed positive and offered to do whatever was necessary, but 2 of the cast gave up and decided to quit. Apparently there have been 3 attempts to do shows in UB in the past 3 years and - including this one - all 3 have been canceled! And there is one person involved in all 3 - Ugggh! If only I had known when I started and cast the thing! If you are interested in the soap behind the play-that-wasn't email me and I'll send you some of the emails that went back and forth - I find them hilarious :-)!

By popular request - here's more photo's: SMOG - the morning view from my hotel room - Chinggis Khan hotel room 815: Coal burning in the ger's (tents) makes the air truly ghastly - that's NOT through the window - I stuck my camera outside to take the pic

Countryside 2 hours outside of Ulaan Bator ("Red Hero")

Happy to see tourists!

Another camel!

Don't ask me! There's Dinosaurs in Mongolia!

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