Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Six Men and a Baby

(Click on any of the thumbnails here to see large images)
Actually it was 6 men, 2 women, a baby and a teenager: 10 in all in the jeep we drove from Mongolia's largest city, 50 kilomteres into the countryside for the weekend. I had taken the sleeper train Friday night from Mongolia's capital UlaanBaator to the 3rd largest city Erdenet. Video of the dining car The 4 person compartment with a mini-TV
This was Sarra's family, the wife of Marc, who I met via the aborted effort to put on a play. There were 16 of us in the ger ( read about gers - the same as a Russian 'yurt' here). They are nomadic herders who move 8 times a year. In winter they gather ice where they find it for storage of water video of collecting ice from frozen stream

And they collect water from the bit of a river about a mile away which is no completely frozen these days video of collecting ice from frozen stream

Most of the family

some views of the ger, where we 16 slept...
and me on a hike in the mountains, wearing my borrowed herder coat - WARM!


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