Sunday, January 14, 2007

Seoul Man

Update: I listened to the Sunday NFL games on Internet radio - almost like being there - NOT!

On my way to Mongolia for 6 weeks on a project for the Asian Development Bank to help the mongolian Governement establish a plan to modernize the Information Systems for the Social Security and Labour Ministry.

Today I had a 5 hour and 11 hour flight. The plane needed to be de-iced in Vancouver (so did the one leaving Torono) but I'm leaving the warm weather behind. The high in Mongolia will be -15C or so (4 F or so) in January, and the lows will be below -30.

Getting through Seoul airport was easy. Gentle, friendly place. A guy from the hotel showed up when I got Info desk to call, they had 3 other people in the van. We had a high speed drive in the dark along long roads with pretty much nothing in sight for about 15 mitnutes, then popped up at the hotel. Korean food in Korea! Kimchee and noodle/miso soup.

My hotel room has a PC in it, but I connected the Internet cord to my Laptop. It has a nice hot/cold water dispenser and my own vending machine!. CNN is the only English language channel and I also found the past Winter Olympics playing showing the Korean beat Canada and USA in the 5000 meter skating relay.

Breakfast then a 4 hour flight to the capital of Mongolia - Ulaan Baatar - tomorrow.

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