Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Land of Blue Heaven-Not Blue Plate specials

Check the weather in Mongolia - It's -14 F (-26C) right now.

Mongolia is called the Land of Blue Heaven. Will find out why and let you know. I've been at work 2 days, in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour, and have found the people to be very nice, friendly and warm. Nothing else about the place is warm - but it is sunny!

My hotel - the Chinggis Khan Hotel - is excellent with a pool, gym, adequate breakfast with egg chef and attached grocery store and little "mall" (very little) that is the biggest in UB (The capital city Ulaan Baatar).

There are exactly 2 Mongolian Buffet restaurants in UB, and the food is supposed to be good. Apart from eating once to experience real Mongolian food, I'll stick to Korean, Hungarian, and even a Ukrainian restaurant I've spotted. Mongolia food is .... mutton - fatty and salty and pretty much Blech!

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