Thursday, January 25, 2007

EyeRags, Ankle Bones and Bactrains

After meeting people, seeing different customs and cultures is the best thing about travel and visiting new places for me. Mongolia has plenty of 'different' ones. One of them is hard to swallow - literally. I was served a teacup at work and after 2 hours had managed to lower the level about 3/4 of an inch and then gave up - just glad I didn't actually heave.

Read about the making of airag here

I am not completely clear about the Ankle bone thing, but the Mongol Post reported that: "The Mongolia AnkleBone shooting Federation in Thailand(!) has demonstrated its sport to promote the national sport. Ankle bone shooting is a game played by two opponents in two teams and involves flicking small bullets (!) at ankle-bones arranged in a row." I'll keep you posted ...

Another ankle thingy: It seems the custom here is that if you accidentally kick someone's shoe or foot, you must shake their hand. I got kicked yesterday in a meeting - no harm no foul - but I did get a handshake.

In your face Dept: I was going to brag about riding all the camel breeds, but it turns out there are 6 breeds of camel, counting cross-breeds. Here I am on a bactrain, temp -30C.
Read about camel breeds
The horseys are short here:

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