Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 1 of "9 days"

It was noticeably colder this morning - and that is saying something when the low last night was -15 F (-26C)!

I will try to get more details on this, but there is a local explanation that Mongolia has nine sets of '9 days', and we are the 4th one, the coldest one.

The first 9 days, it's cold enough to freeze milk, the second nine days cold enough to freeze oxtail, etc. this one is cold enough to freeze anything!

I registered with immigration since I am staying longer than 30 days, it cost $1.10 to do that and 5 minutes of my life, so I'm good to go until Feb 24th now. I'm not sure if any more 9-day periods hit while I'm here.... but when I went outside to go to immigration, it had "warmed up" again +5F(-15C)!

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