Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Asia 2006

3 weeks, 5 countries (OK, just passed through the US for about 4 hours, Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam and Japan) and 2 World heritage sites... This will take several blog entries to tell

Melanie and I traveled to Chiang Mai for the Wolrd InterHash event, where I MC'd the stage entertainment and we ran and partied with old and new friends. 5800 Hashers invaded Thailand for the event and the wolrd largest ever Red Dress Hash was held on the Thursday. That's right, over 2400 wackos in Red Dresses (technically Iwas in a cape) wandered through Chiang Mai.

The Hash was great but we had some great travel ahead. My usual cast iron stomach failed and on a flight from Bangkok to Siem Reap Cambodia I sprinted to the lavatory and just made it - unfortunately I didn't get the toilet seta up and projectile vomited into the mirror. I'll spare you further details but it took me cups and about 5 inches of paper towels to clean up the little room while the tiny Thai stewardesses just went about serving drinks to all the passengers NOT throwing up.

I ended up with a fever and stayed in bed the rest of the day, our first in Cambodia. I rallied the next day - and Melanie fell ill the next afternoon. So we managed to see the amazing Angkor Wat temples together and apart for 3 days.

Before we headed to Viet Nam we visited the volunteer run landmine museum and landmine clearing project (

Perhaps the highlight was cave kayaking in Halong Bay, the 2nd UN World Heritage site of our trip - see the videos

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