Saturday, August 05, 2006

Beer Mile

OK, not of my best moments as a human being but pretty fun :-)

A Beer Mile ( involves, as one can sure guess, running a mile and drinking beer, things I have done most of my life - since I was 14. Well, not the beer part, I stepped onto the track and did my first 5 minute mile when I was 14

The days of sub 5-minute miles are gone for me, and the days of drinking like a college student are, well, at least less frequent. The Beer Mile, DC Hash style makes some variations from the 'Official" BeerMile © rules:

So, you see, it is not so much about the running, and (readers with good taste or sensitivities are advised to stop reading at this point)...

There is an award for 'best vomit', which seems like a sane idea to get as much of the 72 ounces of hastily consumed (usually cheap) beer out as quickly as possible!

Oh, I finished in 8:08, 2nd place out of about 30 whackos who showed up early Friday evening to participate in front at least that many fans and supporters sitting in stands leisurely drinking beers from their own coolers.

In 20 months, I plan to set the world age group record for the offical BeerMile ©!

In Frankfurt they have the same thing, called the Bierathlon, (actually a little outside frankfurt, sponsored by a local brewery) and teh Frankfurt hashers usually put on a really good's coming up again on August
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