Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another day, another Olympic stadium

I forgot to mention that we went to the Olympic ski jump in Oslo which was used or the Stockholm Games. There, I rode the simulator which did the ski jump and the Lillihammer downhill ski run.

The Olympic city theme continued as we visited Innsbruck and Munich, though we didn't get to Munich Olympic Stadium, which was being used for the World Cup.

One place we did visit in Munich was the Dachau 'work camp' site of the famous metal sign 'Work Will Set You Free'. It is a moving experience to visit the place, now the site of reconstructed sample barracks, several relgious memorials and a museum. The original baracks are all gone, they have marked them and left the gravel lot empty where 32 baracks, each 10 by 100 meters stood.

Each baracks was originally designed for 208 men, some held as many as 1900 when the allies liberated the camp. they had gas chambers but none at Dachau were used. over 200,000 people passed through and 30,000 were experiemented n, executed or died miserable deaths from diseases like typhus.

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