Friday, May 19, 2006

Your Personality - Don't Leave Home Without It

OK, I am not going anywhere cool - for at least 8 days, when I go to Europe for 17 days with my college roommate (ex).

So why write? It occurred to me that with all the fuss and furor over 'Identity Theft', there has been little attention paid to the growing crime and nefarious act of 'Personality Theft'

Yes, that's right, there is another risk out there in the scary world; someone could actually - using new technology - steal your personality!

What is truly scary about this crime is that you do not even have to be a credit card user - although early reports seem to indicate people without credit cards are distinctly lacking in personality. That is not to say that EVERY credit card user HAS a personality. In fact it is almost the opposite, and credit cards users may be able to breathe a little easier knowing that most of the early victims of this horrific crime have not been active credit card users (and they also did not have yappy little dogs).

What are the symptoms of Personality Theft?
Initial reports link these activities to post Identify Theft complications ...

What can one do if they suspect their personality has been stolen?
First of all, don't panic. There are several web based firms who will help you rebuild your personality. For a fee they will analyze your credit record, buying patterns, cell phone usage, etc. and reconstruct a profile which you can follow and simulate your previus personality.
Other firms will actually come into your home, examine your wardrobe, personal hygeine and habits and for a fee - based on how disgusting the above turned out to be - tell you whether or not you are better off without your old personality.

What can one do to protect themself from Personality Theft?

To be continued... If you want more, leave a comment and I'll expound on this further....

I apologize for this post, I do not know what came over me, but I just had to write it.

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