Thursday, May 11, 2006

Lucky Ted!

On the way into work (I am now working at home from about 5 a.m. - so I can communicate with Baghdad before they leave work for the day +8 hours from EDT) I noticed a one-day conference for COGNOS software in the Ronald Reagan Bldg. So I registered and dropped in.

I only atended the main afternoon session which featured Ted Koppel as Keynote speaker. He is - as you might imagine - shorter than he looks on TV, and a fantastic speaker. The first 15 minutes included stories about people spotting him and talking to him as a celebrity, Henry Kissinger leaving his fly down on an Air Force One flight, and his dog's digestive problems and the solution involving frozen vegetables.

Ted also had some great views to share on changes in journalism and politics. When he started out - he was one of the network's 30 or so overseas correspondents. He said ABC now has 5 - none in China, none in India, ...

But the highlight of the day, no doubt, at least for Ted, was getting his picture taken with me. When I get it in the mail, I'll post it

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