Sunday, April 30, 2006

43 days

When I got up yesterday, I had passed a threshold: 43 days in Iraq. That means money. Part of the incentives / compensation for living in a place where they risk of mortars is slightly higher than Johnstown, PA, is that after 43 days in Iraq, an extar 35% pay (for 5 days/week) get paid retoractively from day 1 and onward.

That, along with the 35% danger pay, paid from day 1, makes a 70% bonus. People working here as employees (not me) also get %20 for the expected overtime for which they are no longer paid.

I am looking forward to not working a day - may next weekend, when I visit Cairo, before flying back to USA. It'll be 2 months since I had a day off. And I feel great, the work has been fun, the people great and the food - well it was always there.

Was it dangerous? I didn't feel concerned except for about 90 seconds of the entire time. If you read about the Egypt bombings recently, we all know danger is everywhere, 2 Hashers were victims and were medevaced to Germany to have their leg bones reset and start PT and recovery.

Rabbit Rabbit!

Ra, I can't tell how much I've enjoyed your accounts! They're really a "must read." Stay safe and come hash with your buddies at DCH3 soon!
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