Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Song Hits of the IZ

In addition to the skits I mentioned below, I've written on of those "buy this records bits"...: "Hits of the IZ (International Zone)"

RKO records presents the greatest hits from USAID in the Green Zone in Baghdad, who can forget that song we pull out when celebratory gunfire is heard...?

Bullets keep fallin' on my head,
But that doesn't mean I am going to turn up dead,
Duck and Cover is no lie,
But - Someones's got to do some explainin' -
(please) Don't shoot the sky!

And then that song about the Personal Security Detail (armed guards who accompany USAID staff out of the IZ) from the old country ...with the Sound of Music

We're Super U S A I D-ers guarded by P S D's
When we go out in our flack jackets we cannot hardly breathe
After work (When's That?!) we like to swim at Pool Liberty<
But we cannot float while while holding onto our P S Ds

And then From - rest his soul - the great Sammy Davis Jr

Who can take vacations?
Forget about Iraq?
Go away for 2 weeks and pretend to not come back?
The R & R man! The R & R man!
The R&R man, cause he mixes it with work and makes it last so long,
makes it last so long.

more to come!

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