Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter eating!

Last night was Indian night in the cafe (as usual on Saturday nights), with, for this place, great chick peas and cauliflower Indian versions along with that mildly spiced chicken and shrimp. It could have been several orders of magnitude hotter to suit me. The shrimp are a bit scary - they are all exactly the same shape and texture, I'm not sure they're from this planet.

So I wonder if someone is reading my draft blogs! Today's lunch had grilled salmon and platefuls of smoked salmon. Then dinner at Da Palace! I worked 11 hours today and joined a couple colleagues who left after 7:30 so we could hit the Embassy chow hall before closing. Prime rib and lobster tails are the Sunday night usual offerings, which were great and the place (called the DFAC) was decorated for Easter.

But, the big news is they broke out the good china!

I should say they broke out THE china. Usually we eat there on plastic plates with plastic utensils. But in celebratory style, we had real plates (we have real plates every day at the USAID cafe) and real silverware. And whether you prefer Coke or Pepsi, Diet Pepsi is like nectar after the only diet cola availble for a month has been local "Coke light."

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