Friday, April 07, 2006

(Happy) Birthday in Baghdad

my neighborsGood Morning Iraq! It's my Birthday. How many countries have you had a Birthday in? My list includes USA, Egypt, Thailand, Kuwait, France and now Iraq. I turned 21 in the back seat of a car heading to Spring Break in Florida.

And now this.

The first thing I saw was my new neighbors: the cats who huddle on a towel just outside the trailer across from mine (2-B). There are many cats on the USAID compound and they are bold, one of the yellow ones desperately wants into my trailer, which brings up another thing, occasionally I hear birds but I hardly ever see any - although chopper fly overhead regularly.

Melanie was the first to email me after midnight here and say Happy Birthday on April 7th, you've 14 hours and 19 minutes left!

I'm not the only one craving attention! See Help me win my bet - adult subject matter

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