Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Doctor, My Eyes

I have a problem. I caught the contagious disease they have here. Workaholism.

Let me be clear, I am loving it and this is not a complaint, I've worked 44 straight days and have had a ball. The people here at the USAID compound are great. But the fact that I spend most of my day either at the office or working on a laptop in mytrailer using a computer mean I have put my eyes through boot camp

When several people tell me my eyes look like my shirt (which isn't good since I more often than wearing a traditional white work short, wear some silly shiny silk shirt from Thailand, and in this case a reddish-orange one!) I know it's time to work in some eye-breaks.

To the rescue: the exploding salad dressing foil packs!

Why spend exorbitant money (using the $11/day per diem we get while in Baghdad) on frilly eye masks and balms, when I can just take "fat-Free Ranch dressing" in a foil pack straight from the fridge, lay down with it over my eyes and ... bliss!

Yes, I realize I need to come home soon!

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