Monday, April 10, 2006

Crime Doesn't Pay - it leaks

I spent several hours at Da Palace (where the US Embassy is) over the past 2 days (subtitle: We need more steenking badges!) getting my Common Access Card (CAC) renewed. That cards gives access to military chow halls and other essentials.

I got lunch at Da Palace and pocketed a few foil packs of fat free ranch dressing since I really can't stand to eat buttermilk ranch dressing any more than 22 days in a row. Out cafe hasn't come through with the Cesar dressing that I asked them to make (fair enough they are not a custom shop, except they do whip up omelets on demand). And I should mention I ate lobster tails last night at Da Palace.

With my clean getaway, I felt a refreshing, cool sensation in my pocket - wait, that isn't the pocket where I have the can of Diet Pepsi from the PX! One of the foil packs of salad dressing decided to explode in my pocket.

But now I'm afraid of the contents since my thick Khaki pants didn't show anything... Shouldn't something organic actually be absorbed by cotton-y pants and show through. Maybe I have super-pockets in them and didn't know it...

I'm happy not to have big stain on the front of my pants but do I eat this salad dressing tomorrow at lunch? It's that or day 23 of Buttermilk ranch... (there are just so many titles: how about "Back at the Ranch" :)

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