Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Boom! Boom! Boom!

(and Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom and Boom!)

I was "dooking" after #2, and helmet-on and under my mattress somewhere between #5 and #6. At the pause, I jumped up and put the door ajar to avoid blown in windows if any percussive blasts got close

I sometimes act a bit like a cynic when people tell me they 'knew something was going to happen.' It's not that I think they are lying, it's just that I know our subconcious thinks all kinds of things all the time and when something actually does happen, we forget that there were 1001 things we thought would happen and one of them sort of actually did. It doesn't mean we didn't think of it, it's just we have a batting average of 1 for 1001 and make a big deal out of the 1.

Then again, those crazy coincidences are amazing and when something happens in close proximity to the time one had the feeling, I'm a believer.

Sunday morning I woke at 7:15 or so after another post midnight work session and considered going to the gym. I thought, 'it's Sunday, which seems to often be "Good Morning Baghdad - with a mortar!" day so I decided to try to sleep until breakfast figuring I'd be interrupted and have to stop anyway in the middle of a workout.

Maybe I'll just use the elliptical machine in a flack jacket!

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