Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blackhawk Up!

Camp Striker and Baskin Robbins Welcome to Camp Striker! Pallets of bottle water everywhere as our checked baggage showed up and we turned in our Military ID (CAC cards or passports) and got inprocessed. The weather is pleasant, there are civilians and many soldiers reading, snacking and waiting for transport onward. My group of 5 was met by a USAID expediter who took us to get a meal at a giant cafeteria with just about every type of food one could want including a Mongolian stir fry, burgers and chips, and 10 flavors of Baskins Robbins.

I then picked up my 'Full metal jacket' and helmet whcih will be with me until I depart Iraq though I didn;t have to put it on until preparing for the Balck Hawk 4 minute flight into the IZ (international Zone).

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